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"The Necrons' story is one of an ancient betrayal. Aeons ago, the Necrontyr race clung to their short lives in fear of oblivion at the hands of their massive and ravaging star. They pushed the limits of science in an effort to lengthen their lives, but to no avail. Then, the star gods known as the C'tan were discovered, offering immortality at a terrible price.

The Necrontyr agreed, and their souls were encased in living metal bodies. What they did not know was that the process dulled their minds and senses so they became slaves of the C'tan. The C'tan needed warrior-slaves to harvest the life forms of the galaxy so the star gods can feast on souls, and the C'tan's new Necrons served this purpose well.

After life across the galaxy ran thin millions of years ago, the Necrons went into stasis, waiting for life to grow back. Now, in the 41st millennium, they have found a galaxy teeming with life again.

In combat, the Necrons are unyielding war machines that bring swift death to their prey. Armed with gauss weapons that strip an opponent's molecules one layer at a time, the Necrons have fierce firepower. Also, they have a remarkable ability to repair themselves, a special rule known as We'll Be Back! This gives the Necrons incredible staying power in a battle, which makes them an enemy dreaded by all races in the world of Warhammer 40,000."

From the Games Workshop Website


The plan behind this army was to collect an entire Force Organization Chart. I was well on my way, and I believe I'm only short 5 Pariah and a few boxes of warriors. Unfortunately, this army was loaned out and I'm waiting for it to be returned.

The thing I like about the Necrons is their lack of options. Most players consider this to be a short-coming with the army. It gets labeled a beginners army because there isn't a lot to know about them and their tactics are considered simple. However true this may be, winning with a Necron army is against players who have faced them before is anything but simple. Their lack of wargear and options means that you a at a disadvantage when it comes to tailoring your list to defeat specific opponents. Your overall strengths are balanced by the high cost of your units and the Phase Out Rule. The end result being, winning consistently with the Necrons is always a challenge. With the introduction of the Fourth Edition rule set, this has become even more true.


There are only two choices available to lead a Necron army; the Lord or the CíTan. Of the two, the Lord is the most flexible and cost effective choice.

Itís best to take two Lords, and since they are the only ones in the army that can select from the Necron wargear, tool them up as much as possible.

The Necrons have some outstanding wargear to choose from and itís best to experiment with combinations and become familiar with how each piece performs against the different armies.

The War Scythe upgrade : This upgrades your Staff to a Scythe. The Scythe is particularly useful against those pesky Chaos Lords, Deamons, and tanks. Upgrading the Staff on a Destroyer Lord and hunting down such nastiness can be fun.

Chronometron : This device allows you to potentially advance or fallback more quickly. Iíve not found this to be particularly effective, and with the new assault rules, even less so.

Destroyer Body : Mounting your Lord on a Destroyer body is never a bad idea. He cannot be insta-killed by strength 10 weapons, move like a bike, and can join units of Destroyers. This is a good choice for a Lord.

Disruption Field : This is only useful if you plan to run your Lord into a lot of vehicles. But in that case, youíre better off with the Scythe upgrade.

Gaze of Flame : The Gaze is most effective against armies designed to assault you (e.g. Orks, Tyrannids, and Blood Angels.) It can be very effective as it nullifies the assault bonus and decreases the enemies leadership. The Gaze works well with a Lord joined by Pariah.

Lightning Field : Another good choice when facing an army designed to assault you. Remember, it includes wounds caused on the unit the Lord has joined as well as the Lord.

Nightmare Shroud : This particular piece of equipment can really be useful for armies that line up on the back if the board. See the Dirty Tricks section below, but suffice to say, forcing a fallback right off the board can really cripple armies like the Tau and Imperial Guard.

Phase Shifter : A 4+ Invulnerable save is never a bad thing, especially against marines.

Phylactery : This one can keep your Lord around for a while. However, its ultimate usefulness is really dependant on how often your Lord dies.

Resurrection Orb : This is really a game saver. Everyone takes one and thereís a reason. Everyone playing against Necrons complains that everyone takes one, but thatís because they are incredibly effective.

Solar Pulse : Not a fan of this one and have nothing constructive to say about it.

Veil of Darkness : Probably the second best piece of wargear in the list. The nice thing is you can use it with the Resurrection Orb on the same Lord.


Necron Pariahs

Pariahs are rather expensive, but if youíre facing an Eldar Seer Council, theyíre a great unit to Deep Strike with. They also make a good bodyguard for a Lord.

Necron Immortals

The Immortals are very tough. This means theyíre difficult to insta-kill. This makes them one of the best units in the game. Definitely take them. Their assault weapons mean they can move/fire and assault as well. Thereís really no downside to them.

Flayed Ones

The Flayed Ones have quite a few uses. Deep Striking them into a Devastator unit is always worth a laugh. They can also force armies that deploy on the very edge of the board to flee combat on turn one.


Necron Warriors

Warriors are your only troop type. They are very adequate troops and itís best to take as many as you can to prevent Phase Out.

Fast Attack

Necron Wraiths

Wraiths are very effective in Close Combat. In fact, they are only effective in combat and are capable of handling lots of enemies at once.

Necron Destroyers

Destroyers make good tank hunters. Their 3 shots per turn can lay down a lot of fire to protect your advancing warriors, and their 12Ē move means they can get to where they need to be very quickly.

Necron Scarab Swarms

Scarabs have some very useful rules. They arenít the strongest unit in your army, but they can take out tanks. They arenít the best fighters, but they can tie up enemy units for quite a while. They can Deep Strike near your enemies biggest threats, and are fearless.

Heavy Support

Necron Tomb Spiders

Tomb Spiders can prevent Phase Out by repairing fallen warriors. Itís a good idea to keep one close by your warriors. They can also have a Particle Projector which can aide in the shooting phase. Necron Tomb Spiders can also make Scarabs. These can then be used to further protect your warriors. All in all, they arenít a bad unit to include in the army, although they really arenít Heavy Support.

Necron Heavy Destroyers

Heavy Destroyers are marine killers. They move like a bike which increases their effective range, and allow you to deploy in one area, and get to where they need to be relatively quickly. Theyíre expensive though, resurrecting them can be a problem. Itís best to use them as a single unit, let them absorb any fire and not worry about keeping them around, as long as theyíve achieved their purpose.


The Monolith is practically indestructible. It will command a significant area around it for the entire game. However, itís fairly slow. Move it into a strategic position on the board and it will control that position. Because of the Living Metal, there isnít a lot in the game that can damage it.

The Ponderous rule attempts to even out the power of the Monolith by limiting its range of movement. Thatís why itís important to know where it needs to be, deploy it there or nearby, and get it into position as quickly as possible. As an aside, Monoliths are allowed to Deep Strike onto enemy units so donít worry about Deep Striking it into the middle of the enemy.

Dirty Necron Trick

The trick described here isnít for everyone, and certainly not every game. It has its uses though.

It all begins with a standard deployment where your front line s comprised of Warriors and Immortals, flanked by Fast Attack. Your Lord with the Veil of Darkness is placed on the back of the board with a unit you intend to use. The best unit to take is completely dependant upon the enemy youíre facing and your target. Still, the trick remains the same. Use the Lord with the Gaze of Flame and Veil to teleport your chosen unit right into the thick of the enemy (where it will do the most damage.) The Gaze will force all enemies within 12Ē to take a leadership test or fallback, the unit you brought with you should then take over. Itís best to remain in combat through the turn so you donít get shot to bits. Once youíve disrupted that portion of the enemies line, teleport to another area on the next turn. Repeat this process as long as you can.

Bringing in your Flayed Ones and Monolith through Deep Strike can really mess with your opponent and have the enemy reeling from turn one on.


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