How to pick a warband

There is no such thing as the best warband. Each warband has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Certain scenarios can favor one warband over another at times, but even those favored warbands lose in those scenarios, for time to time. So, if no one warband is better than the others, how do you decide which one to collect? The answer is to collect the one that appeals to you the most. Every warband has an inherent character, so pick the one you like. There's a good chance that you'll lose a fair amount of games with any warband you choose, so pick the one that you will enjoy - win or lose.

Mordheim Common Knowledge

Mordhiem is an on-going game. It's important to adhere to a few basic strategies when equipping your warband. The goal of Mordheim is to make it back out alive. This doesn't mean that you have to beat the opposing warbands if you can complete the scenario objective or cause them to withdraw.

Never spend more than you have to on equipment. There's a load of options available and deciding what to purchase can seem overwhelming. But following a few simple guidelines can make it a lot simpler.


Armor isn't worth the money. Only buy armor when there's nothing else you what to purchase. Obviously, then, don't buy armor when you're starting out. Too many things nullify an armor save, it's expensive, and for the cost, an extra henchman will keep you in the game longer.


Shields can work better than armor, but again, isn't worth the cost until there's nothing better to buy.


Helmets can be the exception to the armor rule. Although it is not as beneficial as an extra henchman, a helmet can change the outcome of the injury roll, so for its price, it may be worth taking if you want to spend the money on it.

Hand Weapons

Everyone gets a free dagger, but always try to equip your warband with two weapons. A mace or a hammer and a sword is a deadly combination. The cost of a mace, hammer, club makes them easily the best weapon value in the game. They change the injury table in your favor, increase your number of attacks, and thus increase you odds of taking your opponent out of the game.

Ranged Weapons

Short bows and slings are worth every g.c. spent on them. If you have the option of taking either, do so. They provide your warband the ability to attack your opponent as you advance and give you a definite advantage in the game.

Other Options

Lucky Charms are so effective that some groups have banned or limited their use. Ignoring the first successful hit against all-so-important character models cannot be overlooked.

The Unholy Relic can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending upon the particular circumstances. This device lets you auto-pass your first breaktest. This sounds really good, however there are times when running is your best bet.

Caltrops can reduce your opponents charge range. This can really save a hero and or buy time for the completion of an objective. They need to be used in a timely manner though.

Other Suggestions

Protect your heroes. Heroes are the only members that can search for treasures. Always take as many as the list will allow. Even the lowliest hero earns your warband gold coins. Any heroes still around at the end of a game add dice to your exploration rolls, so sacrifice the henchmen, not the heroes.

Take henchmen in sizable groups. A lot of new players ask why and the answer is simple. As long as the henchmen group is above 33% of its starting size at the end of the game, it won't lose the experience it gained up to that point. It costs a little more to replace fallen members, but the cost is more than outweighed by the increased stats.

It's always better to buy more henchmen. The larger your warband, the longer you survive in the game. For example, a warband with 8 models will flee after 2 are knocked out of the action. Whereas, 9 members means you need to lose 3.

Try to get your models armed with bows into the upper stories of buildings. They can then pick and choose their targets instead of shooting at what's closest.

When playing the game, remember two things, the objective of the scenario, and the end-of--game phase. Both of these are easy to lose sight of when you get caught up in the kill.

It is entirely possible, in some scenarios, to win the game by completing the objective and not fighting your opponent at all. Don't be in too big a hurry to rush into combat. Keep the objective in mind, have a plan, and execute it.

The end-of-game phase is where you make or break your warband. Always keep in mind that the losing side gets to search the ruins as well. Sometimes, your best bet is to run away. Never let one game get in the way of acquiring wyrdstone. The biggest difference between winning and losing a game is usually one exploration die.

Seeing your warband grow and learn is as much fun as moving the models around on the table top. Deciding what new skills to acquire, which henchmen group to bolster, and who lost an eye is all a part of the Mordheim experience. Take an active interest in it and you won't be disappointed.

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