More Updates
 I've added a link to Dr. Voodoo's website and tiki lounge. It's on the Links page. I also updated the Iyanden Eldar page. This will be the next 40K army for me. I hope to begin work on it this summer.

Several Updates
 I've made several updates to the website. I hadn't realized how long it had been since the last round, but there's more up here now. I'm not sure why there are some broken links yet, but I'm looking into it.

The Elves of Ravenwood
 Your Move Games has released its latest army: The Elves of Ravenwood, for their fantasy card game Battleground Fantasy Warfare. There are also new scenarios posted in the BGFW Yahoo group. You can get more information about the game and there are links to Your Move and the Yahoo group on the link to the right.

More Changes
 I've made a number of changes recently. Most notably, I added more articles and army links.

Articles Added
 I updated three of the articles, the Painting an army in a weekend, Building a drying box, and making movement trays should be working now.

Warhammer Ancients
 I started ordering minifigs and parts for a Warhammer Ancients army made of Legos. Turns out the cost will be less than 28mm historicals and should take a lot less time to get the army together. I have high expectations for the army, so I hope that they can live up to them.

City Fight II is due
 The second version of City Fight is due out later this year. It is being released as a backdrop for a summer campaign, not unlike Conquest of the New World. Let's hope it does better than that one did though.

New Dwarf Army
 The Dwarf army received an update this winter. The new rules seem to have turned the dwarves from a slow, single tactic army, into a viable force in the old world once more.

 Oddly enough, this army is being released at about the same time as my interest in fantasy armies is returning to the dwarves. I'll be finishing this army sometime over the summer, and it should be ready for the release of the 7th edition.

Up and running
 Dagnabitz is finally up and running. The domain was registered quite some time ago, but it's taken a while to decide what format the site should actually have. Needless to say, there were many failed attempts, some good ideas that were just too impractical, and a lot of forgetfulness. Most of the site is still inactive as there's still a lot of work to be done. However, I'm working on it which can only be a good thing.

Welcome to Dagnabitz.com
Dagnabitz is dedicated it to the miniature wargaming hobby. Most of the site's contents are based upon the Warhammer universe which is created and owned by Games Workshop LTD.

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Worth Repeating
BrikWars is a game in which masochistic groups of players compete with Lego armies to determine which of them is the most obsessive-compulsive.

Players alternate taking turns in which they spend three minutes moving minifigs around a battlefield, followed by thirty minutes of debate over whose interpretation of the rules are correct. It's sort of like lugnet.admin.general, except that you occasionally get to roll dice.

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