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The craftworld of Iyanden was once the largest of all the Eldar craftworlds and its people the most numerous. Iyanden was the scene of the Eldar's most dramatic encounter with the hive fleets of the Tyranids, the all consuming menace whose advance across the galaxy has since consumed hundreds of human worlds. Though the Eldar finally repulsed the invaders, the cost was bitter. Their once-proud world stood in ruins, and four-fifths of the inhabitants lay dead or dying in its shattered halls.

Drifting through space, the craftworld was powerless to avoid the sudden onslaught of Tyranids. Wave upon wave of merciless hive warriors swept over the craftworld, each eventually beaten by the Eldar, but at the cost of thousands of lives. The Tyranids' psychic warp blockade disabled the craftworld's access to the webway, preventing the Eldar of Iyanden summoning aid from other craftworlds. As a last desperate gambit the Eldar of Iyanden decided to wake their dead to repel the invaders. All the ancient spirit stones were plucked from their resting place and installed into metal fighting constructs called Wraithguard.

These Ghost Warriors turned the tide of battle, and soon the Tyranids were beaten back, but it was a hollow victory for Iyanden. The craftworld and its people had been dealt a blow from which they would never recover.

Since their awakening most of the Iyanden Ghost Warriors gradually drifted back into the slumber of death and their spirit stones were re-implanted into the Wraithbone core that forms the framework of the craftworld. However, some of the Wraithguard still linger in wakefulness, driven by anger and a burning desire for vengeance. These heroes of long ago wait for the call of battle and a chance to vent their wrath upon the enemies of their race.

The colour associated with Iyanden is yellow and the symbol of Iyanden is the Shrine of Asuryan, the oldest and wisest of the Phoenix Kings. Most Iyanden troops have yellow uniforms with details in a contrasting blue. Their vehicles also have yellow colour schemes.


I started collecting this army on a whim. I wanted an army that would be difficult to use, was different from anything else I had, and one that doesn't show up much on gaming tables. This one seemed to fit the bill. The army is quite a ways away from being completed and is hardly in a playable state. However, it will see the table top.

The Army List

The army consists of:

The Avatar of Khaine - This guy is basically a Demon Prince. How could I pass on such a close combat monster.


A Farseer - This guy could probably use a seer council, but we'll have to see.

A ten eldar strong unit of Striking Scorpions with exarch. I wanted a unit to support the Avatar, and be able to clean up the messes. I think these guys are perfectly suited to that role.
Two Wraithlords - A bit over powered perhaps, but they'll receive a lot of attention and with the number of low AP weapons armies are packing these days, I don't have a problem with placing them on the table.


Four units of five Wraithguard, each joined by a Spirit Seer. These guys form the bulk of the army and will need to step up if this army is going to win some games.

Two Falcon Grav-Tanks - I like these tanks, and if I'm taking one, why not two!?

This army is sitting very close to 1,850 points right now. Just about the right size for a tournament, interesting...


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