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Painting an army in a weekend

So far, I've tried this technique twice, and both times it's turned out playable results. You can read about it here.

Building a drying box

Priming with spray in the winter can be a real pain. The trick is to not let the minis sit outside, but the fumes can be a real problem, especially around children. You can read my solution here.

Making movement trays

I've worked out a standard for my movement trays. The supplies are readily available and it takes about 15 minutes a tray. You can read about how I make mine here.

Making molds

This is a rather extensive topic. Please be patient.

Building a gaming table

Outside of an army, you need a place to play. This table is comes in two parts: the support and the table top. The advantage of doing the table in two parts is that the top can easily be changed out for different games. The tops can also be used without the support, simply place it onto a table or the floor.

The support instructions are here.

The table top is here.

Guidelines for Building Terrain

With City Fight II being released shortly, a lot of gamers are going to be making buildings for their tables. You can read about how I made mine here.

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